Firearms and whatnot...

These are firearms I own, or have owned at one time. I appreciate firearms of all types, but I am personally most
interested in handguns - both revolvers and semi-autos.

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, and
Magnum Research BFR .50AE single action revolvers.

Taurus M445 .44 Special revolver, and
Baby Desert Eagle .45ACP. These are my daily carry guns.

EAA Bounty Hunter .45 Long Colt, and
Ruger (old model) Vaquero .45Long Colt single action revolvers.

.44 Magnum Desert Eagle, and .50AE Desert Eagle.

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, and
Rossi Mod. 94 lever action rifle, both in stainless.

1860 Army Colt in .44 cal, and
1858 Remington .44 cal.

Ruger 10-22 rifle, with scope, 30 round mag, and flash suppressor.

36 cal black powder pistols. Griswold & Gunnison, and 1851 Navy Colt.

These are guns I want to buy in the future...

Barrett .50BMG Sniper rifle.

Another view of the Barrett .50BMG.

Beretta Billennium 9mm. These are rare and expensive.

Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum, 4" barrel with compensator.
The most powerful handgun made commercially!